Busty Isla Fisher masturbates in the nude

August 29th, 2016 by J

Naughty horny Isla Fisher playing with her cunt on cam

If you think being married to the mental Sacha Baron Cohen is well, crazy, Isla Fisher actually is just as equally as wild and crazy as that mankini character of Cohen’s on the film Borat. This kinky leaked video of Fisher might be just one of the many reasons why this pair clicked and stayed strong in their union all these years. Fisher unleashed this little secret of hers, or theirs rather, their habit of playing total strangers and trying to win over the other by doing all sorts of kinky stuff on cam. Cohen might not admit it but Fisher says she’s winning their tally as to the one with the hottest ways she’s made him cum by just doing her dirty deeds on webcam…as a random stranger who wanted some quick fuck from him. They enjoy re-introducing themselves to each other because it spices up the relationship even more.

This masturbation clip is nothing new to them but it is a first from Fisher to be sharing her pussy-playing time with all of us. She teased to pretend we never knew her and that she’s one of those amateur chicks we discover online with a bunch of homemade sex tapes that are actually meant to go viral and make them famous. You can simply focus on those juicy tits, her sexy round ass and that drippin’ wet pussy, and forget that this is the hot and feisty wife of Sacha Baron Cohen. You can pretend that it is your own girlfriend or that neighbor you keep spying on whenever she gets naked before taking a shower but Fisher would probably have the better tits and ass, plus, you get to see all these up close.

Slutty Isla Fisher enjoying interracial sex

April 12th, 2016 by J

Who would’ve thought that a silly-looking man like Sacha Baron Cohen could catch a fish as fresh and delicious like Isla Fisher. Ok, I probably mis-judged but no one can blame me if all I see is his character in Borat everytime I read about him or simply see his name somewhere. Isla might have explored a lot more about this man and discovered that he is actually hotter in private in his mankini. Plus, she was so willing to be with this man for the rest of her life that she converted into his religion, Judaism, professing her undying faithfulness and loyalty for eternity. But, guys, let’s not try to make a fool out of anyone here. Of course Isla went through some hardcore ‘cleansing’ first before jumping into the pit of fire.

Isla Fisher sucks and fucks BBC

Isla did describe herself as having a laid-back attitude of life and she wasn’t joking when this video got leaked somehow. Even before she decided that Sacha could be her forever fuck buddy by marrying him since he has a huge one that she has never seen all her life, she wanted to try a big black dick first and see how it will fare with the one she is about to keep for life. Here she is hoping for the best and she didn’t even have to try so hard to be a desirable bitch as the black dude seems to be as excited as she is in trying a new dish. Look at him go for her wet cunt, spreading her legs wide and fingering the hole to prepare for his already stiff dick. He knows that Isla might get hurt a bit as she looks so damn fragile with that body built but this horny jock can’t get enough of her. He started plowing her tight pussy just like how she wanted it done and probably more than how she expected it to be. It was a bit tough filling that tiny hole at first but Isla relaxed during the course of the session that this massive cock went straight inside her like a rocket sucked into the abyss! Isla kept begging for more, letting this BBC drill her rough until she felt herself about to cum. To complete her naughty lil project, Fisher gets a dose of the dick inside her mouth and got drenched in its spunk.

Isla Fisher Shows Boobs In Hot Topless Pics

September 28th, 2010 by isla

hot isla fisher breasts

Well, it had to happen sooner or later with this young lady.  Let’s look at all the signs that pointed to something like this eventually happening.  First, there’s her sex-crazed roles in  her past movies like The Wedding Crashers.  Aside from taking on mature  roles, there’s her off-kilter personality, which has been described as  being “wise despite her young age”.  So that means that she’s the kind  of young woman who isn’t such a prude about the sexual side of human  nature, someone who can fully express herself sexually whenever she  wants.  Then there’s her relationship with Sacha Baron Cohen a.k.a  Borat.  There’s no way that the close proximity and intimacy with the provocateur/comedian that he hasn’t encouraged her to push the envelope.

hot isla fisher boobs

So enjoy these Isla Fisher nude pics, and be secure in the fact that there will probably be more to come!  She’s still young and her career is still on the upswing, so there’s lots more chances for edgy, raunchy stuff like this.  Check out more dirty Isla Fisher stuff on this site, which has the latest and the naughtiest of what she’s ever done so far!
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Isla Fisher riding Borat’s big cock

April 26th, 2010 by isla

There’s something about Isla Fisher, this red-headed beauty, that captivates me. I think she is more of a case of curiousity for me. Yes she has a pretty face, no doubt about that, lovely curves and a stunning shade of golden-orange hair if you ask me. I guess the thing that gets to me the most is the question that has crossed every guy’s mind who’s got the hots for her: how on earth did somebody as mighty fine as her get hitched to one of Britain’s horrendous-looking celebrity? And a humorless one at that, I may add. Then it hit me. Ofcourse! What else could it be? She is into hairy guys with huge dicks.

So it didn’t come as a huge surprise when these leaked pics landed in my inbox at work one day. Isla Fisher riding Borat’s big dong on the couch while rubbing her sweet clit. I’m not sure when these pics were taken but there’s one shot taken at a beach where Isla is fully naked while her husband Borat is peeing in the bushes with his trademark bikini on. Wow…these two are into some kinky roleplaying shit. Well, I should’ve known when I first saw her on tv that angelic-looking girls are often the ones who are sex kittens in bed.

Sexy Isla Fisher does a photo session

January 6th, 2010 by isla

Is it even possible to be jealous that Isla Fisher is just so… available to everybody’s fantasies because she’s a celebrity? That sounds retarded, I know, but I just feel protective of her, especially since her career is just blooming, and I want to preserve the glittery sexiness that her fresh presence lets off. I mean, check her out in this photoshoot. I know it’s already over a year old, but damn, I can’t get over how hot she looks here, in this shoot for Allure magazine. The way the afternoon sun hits her skin is just perfect, and you know she’s destined to be this perfect when she bounces back to her sexy self (sexier!) just a year after giving birth to her daughter by Sacha Baron Cohen. And a redhead! Hot damn. Isla Fisher, I have my own confession to make: you’re sexy as hell, and I’d like to do things to you and run away with you to our private paradise island, ride naked on unicorns, pick berries everyday, and have amazing sex with you out in the open, all day.

Sorry for getting carried away by all of this, it’s this set of sexy photoshoot pictures of Isla Fisher that’s driving me batshit insane over her. If you know exactly what I’m feeling and can relate, you should hit the link. But even if you don’t, you should still check out the rest of the photoshoot if you don’t want to miss out.

Isla Fisher wants her cunt on your hairy face

October 12th, 2009 by isla

The quiet and unassuming ones usually have the more hard-packed dirt hidden up their skirts, I’ve always thought. And when limelight-shy celebs give fans a little glimpse into their personalities and quirks, people are bound to expand what scant piece of fact they come up with. So when Isla Fisher told in an interview that she finds facial hair sexy and that she has a fake handlebar mustache at home to wear when alone with Sacha Baron Cohen, my thumb-twiddling mind goes into overdrive.

Who would think demure Isla Fisher would be into something kinky as having a fetish for facial hair? I’d imagine the rough, moan-inducing grinding she does when she rubs her wet pussy all over Sacha’s morning stubble; she’s lucky the guy wears facial hair quite liberally. Then all the while Isla goes riding her man’s five o’ clock shadow, Sacha wriggles his tongue up her clit and lets her cum wildly with short, punctured gasps on his face. Once she’s done, she tears the handlebar mustache off her face and begins tickling her still-throbbing vagina with it, letting out another orgasmic shudder.

I only wish there were pictures of Isla Fisher living out her fetish, but hey, there are more nude pictures of Isla Fisher here to feed our fantasizing heads. Thank goodness we’ve rounded up more of Isla Fisher’s nude photos online, and we’ve compiled them for you, so you can engage in your own bizarre fetishes with Isla’s tits and pussy luring you into creative thought.

Isla Fisher flashing her ass, among others

October 12th, 2009 by isla

Oh, the red carpet. This stretch of glamorized rug has had its share of stars either strutting magnificently across it, radiant and untouchable, or otherwise bungling up their once-praised images as kings and queens of fashionable entrances. With every misstep in wardrobe choices, the carpet gets drenched in redder and more redder blood, and it is us savage purveyors who make sure their embarassing moments outshine their better ones. Isla Fisher is no stranger to the good ol’ red carpet mishap, as evident in these photos of her embarassing booty slip during the 2007 Golden Globes. But really, what does that tell her and her career? That she needs to slip out of wholesome roles and bare her body to the public? Three guesses says she heeded that naughty voice inside her head and went au naturale.

Of course, guessing is entirely unnecessary here: just check out Isla Fisher as she undresses and flings off her limiting image as the demure Hollywood sweetheart, linked right here from your favorite blog. We’ve got you covered on more nude titty and booty shots of “Isla Flasher”, as her savage friends have dubbed her. Oh, and she lives up to her alias. Very much indeed.

Isla Fisher disobeys her fiance and shows some tits

October 12th, 2009 by isla

Back when Isla Fisher was filming for Wedding Crashers in 2005, she said in an interview that she had no problems with nudity on the set, but it was her fiance Sacha Baron Cohen who prohibited her from stripping nude. It’s all well and good, Sacha; you might’ve actually gotten plus points on being the gallant and protective boyfriend, which actually nabs you ladies scooting closer to you during bus rides. But here’s the thing, my good man: Isla Fisher might have skipped stripping for Wedding Crashers and used a body double, but looky here, it’s Miss Isla, getting her excessive nudity on. It’s no scrimpy nip slip, crotch shot, or, god forbid, an overrated wardrobe malfunction; geez people, I’d rather experience the worst dry spell in history than get showered with one wardrobe malfunction after another. That’s softcore, man.

Anyway, here again we have Isla Fisher, riveting as a redhead, and baring her breasts for our over-imaginative minds to suck, pinch, and grapple. Those titties look ready for some mashing, I must say, and there are more of that here in Isla Fisher Nude.